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                           How To Make A Girl Friend

                                    Ways To Make A Girl Friend

Hello Boyzz! There are some cool ways to make a girlfriend:-

1: - You are looking for girlfriend,and you also want to do friendship with a girl you like and you also want a steady companion. maybe you will want the girl you like you have a good emotional connection with her.
Be comfortable if you are alone. You should wear good  well and not act cool and spicy or be a try hard just be loose and be fit. Don't set out looking for a girlfriend or your partner, or you'll just end up looking sexy and desperate. Self confidence , good looking and self  sufficiency with girlfriend's sufficiency are extremely sexy qualities in a man with woman also, and you will not seem like you and your girlfriend have either of these if you're begging the  every girl to meet and to go out with yourself.

2:- Be the hero and  satisfied friend of her. Whenever she gets in problem in any way you should help her, don't just sit there with her do something for her that will help her very much and your impression will be made. know that you should help her, and  also know to solve her problem. you may not know exactly what she's going through and in what problem she is , but try to help and convience and make the situation better for her.

3:- Ask her that you will help her and how you can help her at any cost, but don't insist that she let you not give her problem to you . have patience with anything that she goes through the problem and at right time will tell you the problem and be supportive to her at any cost. When you will get an impression and this can make a difference, do anything and so without any hesitation and hurry, but also caringly, as you don't want to hurt her in any way and keep your impression going on.If she likes you very much and by top of her heart, go and set your new pathway and beyond the call of duty help her.

4:-  Do something that she'd never and will never expect you to do, like cooking her breakfast, helping her in her home works and then doing the setting dishes on dining table, and she'll fall even harder and also softer for you very much. You're showing her what you're made and what you done of.If she doesn't like you till then reset your impression and from starting do a good way of making her a friend, or you don't know how she feels about it, play it cool and not in any hesitation. Became calm. If you're the kind of guy which gets very serious about her girlfriend's problems and that gets sweaty, curious and stutters his words when he's around her girlfriend, then became calm down. Think of her as your good and best of your friend who happens to look different. If you can't calm down and keep on hesitating, no sweat! Girls think it is adorable when guys trip over himselves. You'll make her laugh in a good way!and she will be very happy and then you will make a girl friend. as there are some lines to make a girl friend  ------:---

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If A Girl Smiles To You After Doing Good And Very Good For You Then You Can Make Her A Good Girlfriend

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How To Make A GirlFriend!

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