Saturday, September 28, 2013

                       My Experience To Make A Girlfriend

                               Here Are The Ways To Make Girlfriend

Tomorrow I Have Given You Many Ways To Make A Girl Friend But Today I Will Share My Experience Before You.

I also like a girl . i will not open her name as she is my love. when i saw her i liked her very much at the first step . and after some day i well knew her . she has a great heart and she is very good in nature . one day i said to her if she will do friendship with me then she said i need some time to check you.

  I said that you take time but please answer in this matter.Next day she accepted my proposal  and my next work is to impress her very much by my works for her.I started to help her and solve her each and every problem and she is also finding a steady companion in me .I impressed by me very much and our friendship begin in love we spend time with each other and after sometime she shared me every thing . One day a boy said her vulgar word and irritated her she said this to me and i went directly to the boy and beat him very much. and h said that he will never do it again.And my love is going till now.

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